For the love of women

During the last 18 months I have personally experienced such amazing kindness and love. From women. Women who are and have previously been close to me and women who were not. Some who I have known for years and others mere months. After going through such great change and heartache, from the ending of an engagement and a ten year relationship to moving abroad permanently. I have been blessed to have crossed paths with so many incredibly strong, vibrant and loving women. Each with their own story, each with their own life experiences, each with their own way of showing love and with their own ways of helping and healing. I feel so much gratitude for the different kind of love that I have experienced, one that I hadn’t experienced in such depth and variety before.

When your life is filled with so much love and kindness it helps to heals your heart. It also changes your perception of love. You may have lost a different kind of love but you get to experience another one. One that is so beautiful, so selfless, so deep and so light, so easy and so unassuming.

My friendships are deep vs superficial. They are honest and authentic. We hold each other up and we cheer each other on. From this, I have been greatly inspired to share their stories of strength, their stories of challenge and their stories of hardships and change. We seem to be so great at giving advice to others, yet we struggle to do so for ourselves.

I am thankful to my Tribe of Women, so incredibly thankful, because they have certainly made me who I am today. They continue to build me up and without them, my soul would maybe feel a tad lost or unsettled. I want to share my tribe with you and for you to share your tribe with me and others.

‘Letters to My Tribe’ has the ambition of extending stories, support and advice of women, to women.

If you would like to share you story and advice for us to extend out to other women, please email with a close up portrait of yourself. Stories will be posted both on Instagram and on this blog. If you would like your story to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine and we encourage you to still send a picture of yourself, yet one that hides your identity.

Always grateful. Big love.

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