So often we hear of the feelings of heartbreak, abandonment & loneliness that surrounds the breakdown of a relationship. 

So often is the advice, and advice I too have given, to grab your best friend and analyse every detail until you’re healed. But what do you do when that breakdown is with the person you would ordinarily turn to for comfort and healing? “Men come and go but your best friends are there for life”. Are they? What happens when you have to fight every fibre of what makes you a good friend to admit to yourself that they aren’t really being your friend at all?

Three months down the line, I am still hurt, but I am healing. Most importantly, I am healing myself. I have a new house, I have re-strengthened neglected friendships, my hair has stopped falling out due to stress(!) and I have re-discovered my inner contentment.

*** Letter to my tribe ***

Listen to that little girl inside you. Problems in friendships can often be harder to spot than in relationships because you never expect them to be there. You know in your heart when something isn’t right. Have the courage to stand up for yourself, be your own best friend and stand up for ‘her’ they way you would have for them.