Think Change and See change

Be bold. Be brave. Do it beautifully.

When I decided to take the leap to move abroad last year I frequently heard: “Wow I would love to move abroad” or “You’re so brave I wish I could do the same” – I didn’t see it as brave. My inner voice and my soul spoke so loudly and itched at the prospect of never being ‘brave enough’ to take that flight across the ocean. So much so, that it didn’t feel brave it just felt like an obligation to my inner self, to my soul, to my purpose and to my journey. Not to take this leap wasn’t an option and the minute that the proposition of moving abroad landed in my lap, I could hear my soul dancing. The excitement and the fear bubbled up in such a great fashion that I couldn’t ignore it. I wouldn’t have ever been able to forgive myself if I had. I know it would have been my biggest regret!

I was extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity of being relocated with my job. I had my hand held by the ‘corporate man’. Boxes were packed for me – all 50 of them packaged up carefully  in bubble wrap and my little Surrey house was no longer my home, but a mere shell that housed a year’s worth of memories. Documents were signed, my cat was shipped and appointments were booked. I was exceptionally blessed to have had so many of the tedious life admin tasks handled for me.

For the first time in almost 10 years I was just me. I was doing this solo. Just me, no longer one half of a couple. I felt a strength in just being me, in being bold enough to make the move. I had a confidence in my decision because it just felt so right for my soul. It was right. Despite a very stressful relocation day that included lots of emotional farewells and saw me losing 2 suitcases and almost missing my flight, as soon as I landed in Barcelona I felt such a great sense of calm. An overwhelming wave of contentment that I have now learnt was here to stay. A feeling that I hadn’t been familiar with for so long. The stressful flight and the lost luggage did not matter so much anymore.

While I may have had this opportunity ‘handed to me’ let’s say. I still chose it, I put it out to the universe, I willed it to happen. Sometimes I willed it with fear vs faith. I was so scared that such an opportunity wouldn’t come my way and that I would live a life that wasn’t authentic to myself. Another voice often calmed my fear and reassured me that change would be coming. Change is not always easy. More often than not, change is very hard. But it is worth it. It is worth the hardships and the feeling of being unsettled because it makes the other side feel so much more special.

Whether or not you believe in the power of your own thought does not matter. Just try it. Put any scepticism you may have, to one side. Listen to your gut, your inner self, your inner voice. What is it telling you about the life you are living now? Are you being true to your inner self, are you living authentically? And by that, I ask if you are content? Have you made the choices that lead you to live a contented life? If the answer is no, then start to put thoughts for change in motion now. Ask the universe and I guarantee change and opportunities and even people will start to present themselves to you.